08 April 2009


Oh yeah finally, not really a stable job but at least it pays better.

I'm working at Western Wats as a market research trainee.

Ok, i know some of you have comments and doubts about Wats but i guess it's only normal for a company to have problems. especially in the case Wats since it's a production based company.

People i know are telling me that Wats is this, Wats is that. But let me tell you this. Since Wats is a production base company, if an employee or employees are not producing then what use do you have for that company. Right?

I am not defending Wats. It's just that people can't take rejection. I know i might get "shit canned" anytime but hey atleast I am doin something with my life.

Even other callcenters have problems. Sutherland, Callbox, Cyber City(formerly G-com), Concentrix. You name it.

Anyways, i'm off to see my daughter :). It's amazing how they turn things around.

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