21 April 2009

Mother Allergic to Water?!

yep, believe it or not it's true. at first i kinda laughed because that would be impossible right?

but when i read the Article, i learned that she did not have that kind of allergy since she was a kid (i can't even imagine what it was for her when she was kid and not even taking a bath every single day!). When she gave birth that was the time the allergy sprung up or something. a quote from the article:

"Unlike most mothers, Michaela Dutton doesn’t run to wipe away her young son’s tears when he falls over and hurts his knee.

That’s because even a drop of water can trigger a painful burning rash on her skin.
The birth of three-year-old Mitchell triggered a rare allergy in the 21-year-old, leaving her unable to touch or drink water.
She is also unable to hold her son for more than a few minutes in case he sweats on her.
Her condition, known as aquagenic urticaria, affects only one in 230million people worldwide.
If Miss Dutton’s skin comes in to contact with water, it leaves her skin weeping with red welts and blisters.
She cannot drink tea, coffee or fruit juice because they make her throat blister and swell up.
Instead she survives on copious amounts of Diet Coke, which her body tolerates, even though it contains carbonated water.
Miss Dutton said the condition has left her scared to leave the house – in case it rains. To keep herself clean, she jumps into the shower for ten seconds once a week, and has to make do with quick wipedowns using a flannel the rest of the time.
Even these brief contacts with water cause her condition to flare up."

Can you imagine that? i mean how can she drink water? or go to the beach or something to do with water based fun lol.

More into this at Daily Mail.

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