07 January 2009

Here she comes!

ahh i'm so tired but happy... very happy! why? coz as of Jan. 4, 2009. i'm officially a daddy!

That's right meet Serena Alexi Sue A. Angeles!

i think she looks like me :D

oh i love her soooo much i couldn't find the words to express it.

just by looking at her.. you know.. everything just goes away.. no problem no worries..

i'm trying to quite smoking btw. it's been 9 days since i last smoked. it's for her too :P

more pictures of her:

Anyways, Belated Happy New Year guys.. sorry for not posting and all.. she's the one keeping me busy. ahahaha


Laane said...


What a great way starting a new year.

iCe said...

yeah! you said it :P