14 November 2008

Rain rain rain..

what a lazy morning... it's so cold. i was thinking of going outside or go to mall or something..

Anyways... i can't get maisara out of my mind! lol
i don't know why... i emailed her friend for more information about her.
i want to know what happened. what were her last words, her favorite music, stuffs she did when she was alive... uhh i don't know.

PS: i'll be updating my layouts. i think it's time for that.

13 November 2008


I feel kinda sad today... last night as i was searching for a prayer for the dearly departed i came across someones blog and as i was reading i got curious about her. Her name is Maisara, as i was reading her posts on xanga... i found out that she had cancer. The last post was dated septemeber 18, 2008 and she died on the 19th...

She was a strong woman. Even though she had cancer she still as perky as ever in her posts.
I saw her photos and she is so lovely... to be honest i almost cried when i read some of her friends posts on about missing her and don't wanna see the blog or her facebook coz she knows that it's going to be empty from now on :(.

That when she goes to her house she knows she's not there and it just doesn't feel right.

I mean even though i wasn't there but the feeling... i felt it...

I wish knew her...


This is her xanga : http://www.xanga.com/maisara
and one of here friends xanga : http://www.xanga.com/sarahzehan