03 October 2008

Read, read, read...

Lately I've been listening to Flobots. They are an alternative rock/hip hop group that has been rocking the mic since 2000.

The song that i really like from them is "Handlebars".
It's about the idea that we have so much incredible potential as human beings to be destructive or to be creative.

MC johnny 5(a.k.a. Jamie Laurie) said "it's tragic to me that the appetite for military innovation is endless, but when it comes to taking on a project like ending world hunger, it's seen as outlandish. It's not treated with the same seriousness." "...at the same time, I knew there were people at that moment who were being bombed by our own country. And I thought that was incredibly powerful." It is the contrast between these "little moments of creativity, these bursts of innovation," and the way these ideas are put to use "to oppress and destroy people".

Here's the video :P

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