14 October 2008

What a day...

Whew, it was an exhausting day today for me...

I just don't get it. I mean i had to wake up early so I'd make a good impression and when i got there, they told me to come back after 1:00 pm.

Uhh, it's like my 4th time to come back since i first applied for the job. They kept saying that i need to practice my enunciation and i tend to talk fast. Well i was nervous, it's a natural reaction sheesh cut me some slack.

For like a month i kept practing, and i guess it paid off.
I was sooo losing hope of getting hired that i just read it sarcastically and at the same time i was nervous.
To my suprise tho they liked it and said "Ok, you're hired."

And i just beamed lol.

Well, i'll be starting next month or sooner. i hope soon because i really need a new job. a good paying one that is.

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