18 September 2008

I'm Back!

wow! it's been what? 2 months since my last post!
well i was kinda busy with stuffs that's why i haven't posted anything.

To start with i got hooked up with this MMORPG named Cabal Online.

The server i was playing was for Philippines only and it was fun for awhile until i got banned for using "third party software".

Yes, i used a bot to play the game because it was easier that way and as matter of fact 80% of it's population are bots! I guess i was one of those lucky few who got picked up and got banned.

After much cursing and blaming myself, i tried playing a private server.
For three weeks i was playing nonstop and like all private servers, it gets boring and then you'll stop playing and look for another private server.

So after that i tried playing "Assassin's Creed" and man, this game rocks!
The storyline rocks i mean. Although the graphics are fine but yeah, the storyline is important.
It got me playing for like 4 hours and then i got this stupid error and when i googled it, it was just not me who got the error. It seems i got the pre-release version of the game a.k.a. "pirated". That's why i can't play the game in full. So i said to myself *uck the game and move on.

So i did and i started playing "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2". well the game is ok and so are the graphics and the storyline too and yeah i finished it. :)

So what next? I don't know... maybe practice my english. My final interview was today and i didn't go. Why? Because I think I'm not ready yet. The guy at Western Wats told me to practice on vocal variety and he said i should sound professionally and should be friendly over the phone.

I was like wtf I'm doing wrong here... anyways, just to be on the safeside. I think i'll do what he says. I need that job and yes it's a call center. lol

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Marie said...

Welcome back to blogging!:) yep taga davao ko,hehehe:) pls also visit my other site at http://vmariern.blogspot.com