05 July 2008

Crappy Day

Tsk, it's almost 2 am and I'm so sleepy. i would die for a cup of coffee right now.

why i'm still up? well here's the list

1. I have to remove this damn virus that's infesting our networked pc's

2. I still can't figure out the HTML code for my overlay profile on friendster. (i punched the the flat screen twice for this. lol)

3. I went crazy with DIGG. i added like 205 friends in what 5 minutes?( i don't know what to do with digg actually)

4. I'm excited to watch Hancock and Wanted but i don't have the money to buy tickets or even buy popcorn for myself.(i'm broke remember..)

5. Reading an e-book on how to get more traffic on you blog.

6. I just found out that the virus is brontok... oh man...

7. and my back is really itchy... i don't know why... :D

ahhh.. life is good, don't you think?

oh yeah my b-day is coming up.

I'd gladly accept iPod Touch as a gift, ahahaha!

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