07 June 2009


It is my day off tomorrow! YES YES YES.

wow, once again. it took me ages to post something in my blog.

My three month contract with Wats is about to end this 17 or rather 15.
i hope i get renewed or something. i mean i like working in Wats. There are a lot of companies out there but in terms of working hours nothing beats WW.

Beg to disagree? Well in the Call Center industry here in Davao. WW is the only company that has 6 working hours(or less :P) and you get a free meal! Like what i said in my other post, i know there are a lot of rumors and blogs being written by some people about working standards in Wats and at some point i felt or perceive what they are trying say. But all in all i love working there.

Well, aside from spending time with by baby girl tomorrow. I am still thinking on what to do with my spare time. Maybe i should watch some movies or something. Oh yeah! Dammit come to think of it i have not Watched Terminator : Salvation or Angels and Demons.

Hmm.. well anyways i'll think of something. chow :P

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sant said...

at least for some time you r now free to be relax ........ enjoy life